Kavir e Mesr Village - A Small Island in The Sand
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The tiny settlement of Farahzad, 425km from Esfahan, is an oasis located amid sand dunes in the Dasht-e Kavir, just outside the village of Mesr. Its residents, all members of one extended family (Tabatabaei), make a living from agriculture and by operating Barandaz Lodge (+9831-46342188, +989133234188; www.mesr.info; full board per person US$35, 
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So, you think you have seen everything and been everywhere?
How about Kabir – a desert in the central Iran where animal herders live like they did centuries ago? We have something for you to explore here - Farahzad, a deserted village in the Kabir desert, 425 km from Isfahan.
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Little Owl
Peganum harmala
Rainbow in Farahzad Oasis
Rainbow in Farahzad Oasis